When September ends...


Good day to all you folks! September almost always comes and goes without anyone noticing, hence my excuse for this late post.

Let me just start off by sharing this cake we got for my dad for his birthday early this month. Obviously, the candles are 'merely decorations' and do not determine the age. A year wiser is perhaps the only saying my dad accepts to be true. All in all, it was a fun day for us not because there was a party, but rather because I love cakes.

Moving on to a more exciting news... I just got a haircut!

Okay, that's not very exciting. How about... I got a new car! Better? I just need good music to go with my car and my life would be complete.

*awkward transition*

Baby portraits are, as many photographers or instagrammers would agree, one of the most difficult photographs to take. They just can't keep still! What we did here is a simple solution. We just propped Jazelle between two pillows so that she won't fall on her sides and used quick motion setting on the camera and voila! A baby portrait!

Taking pictures of guinea pigs, on the other hand, can't be any simpler! Well, the story behind this new pet of mine is my brother in law heard about someone selling them and knew I love them so he got me this guinea pig as  a surprise! Meet my new companion, Jasper!