Killing me softly with his song

don't worry,this is just a pic..It doesn't mean a thing though i gotta admit,its brutal..Lol *evil grin*

pick me

lazy blogging

Easiest and laziest way to write a blog..

Last thing I did before I write this blog..

Last movie I watched: Fast and Furious-Tokyo Drift
Last song I listened to: Just the Girl by Click 5
Last thing I ate: Myojo mee
Last song I played on my guitar: Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Last TV show I watched: Hannah Montana
Last sentence I wrote in my diary: y'know what I mean?
Last word I said: cao dian shui
well, guess that's it. can't thing of any more lasts..

Oh, one final last..
I gave my dad a wallet for his birthday last week. What I didn’t realize was I gave my mum a wallet too for her birthday a few months ago! I guess I have a thing for wallet this year. I hope I remember not to buy the same thing again for everyone else ^_^"