Mooncake Festival 2012


Hello ladies and gents,

I am not a person who can tell an enriching tale because the story of the Mooncake festival must be told by a learned storyteller with sound knowledge of the Chinese culture.

And so I will elighten you with pictures.

I was asked what do we do for this festivity? Honestly, I can't really tell you because it works very differently for us here in this country because our community is quite sparse and disconnected. Nevertheless, we always put in effort to celebrate anyway. All I know is it is normally celebrated at night with special food and moon cakes aplenty. Under the stars, we catch the moon and hang lanterns on trees, and sometimes even take a journey along the road while holding the lanterns just to admire the beauty of it.

By the end of the night, after much mosquito bites and sweat, we caved in and went back inside the house to catch up with our daily evening routine of procrastinating in front of the TV and laptop. LOL