A Friend's Engagement

I want to congratulate my good friend Sharifah on her engagement today. Sorry I’ve been missing in action a lot for the past few years but I finally found my way to your engagement day so I’m pretty glad we meet again. There were some gifts exchange and stuff that I’m not good at describing because it’s the first I’ve attended. Here’s the pretty bride-to-be.

Sharifah and Shala

And here’s a couple of friends taking pictures of the bride and her family.

(left to right) Hadidjah and Mijah…and some other people

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Three Rules to follow. No breaking or even bending of rules.
~ List 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself
~Tag 10 people you know and they are to follow your footsteps and write their own list of 15 weird things / habits / little known facts.
~ No tag backs

1) I used to sleepwalk when I was a kid, like many times.

2) I was a big fan of ‘N Sync and I collected stuff of my idols like CD, posters, articles and even stickers. My favourite member was JC Chasez.

3) I’ve only been to two concerts in my lifetime, both being Michael Jackson’s.

4) I used to collect stamps.

5) I had many penpals when I was a young teen, more than 50 to be exact. I lost contact with ALL of them.

6) I can’t live without my spectacles. The only time I don’t use them is when I’m sleeping.

7) I’ve been wearing a silver necklace with guan yin as the pendant since I was a kid. You can still see it on me now.

8) I can’t sing well, period.

9) I prefer jogging than applying make up. I prefer badminton to high heels. Women should not suffer for beauty.

10) I like the Alcatraz escape story. I’ve watched Escape from Alcatraz, The Rock, X-Men 3, Mythbuster’s “Alcatraz Escape”, all that involved the island.

11) The first anime I ever draw was Slam Dunk’s character Sakuragi.

12) I’ve never curled my hair.

13) I can’t read or write Chinese although I wish I could.

14) History was my favourite subject in school.

15) I don’t own a car. All I’ve got is a rusty bicycle with no air, and my two legs to carry me everywhere.

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55th School Anniversary

Chung Lian Primary School celebrated its 55th anniversary today at a high tea function at KB. I don’t really know how I found myself attending it. I wasn’t even a student there. It was really a last minute thing. I was just sitting around watching TV when I was asked to accompany my sister and dad to that function. So here’s me and Shely before heading to KB.

There were plenty of performances, though I have to say my favourites are definitely those involved clueless children dancing out of rhyme on stage. They were so adorable that I laughed in delight with every shake and strut they made. Cute kids! There was also a lucky draw, the finest item being a car. That damn lucky guy Tony got it.

Since I’m not the type to post many pictures, here’s one more picture of the drum performance by Shely’s friend Tommy and the guys.

Wail Over

I went to the sports complex earlier today with Mimi because today is ECA day of course. I registered for squash but ended up playing tennis, not exactly the real tennis, just hitting the wall. It might sound enjoyable and relaxing. Apparently, it’s not. Half the time we spent clambering through bushes and tall grass to retrieve the balls that went over the wall. I think we both shot three balls each over the wall. And in the end, we lost one ball and called defeat. Obviously we’re not the better players around. In fact, we’ve never really played tennis before. I think it’s better if we just stick to doing stretching exercises during the squash session.

I have plans to go back early this weekend but there are some disruptions leading to me being ‘stranded’ at the hostel for at least two more days. First, it’s the reschedule of the MaMe class and then came along the humble and loyal monthly cleaning campaign which is marked as ‘compulsory’. Yes, a very enthusiastic word, I must say. I hope I can sign the attendance and crawl back to bed. I’m such a role model for a good hostelite =)

The Stolen Pair

I’m staying at the hostel this weekend. Coincidentally, I’ve got a class tomorrow on a Sunday morning. Sigh. So much for wanting to sleep until noon.

Just a minute ago, my hostel neighbour, whom I don’t even know by name, went out of her room, looked down and realized that one pair of her shoes was missing from the shoe rack. Yup, it’s obviously stolen. Wow…who would wanna steal a pair of shoes? What if I say it’s a pair of boots? With sleek heels and is really stylish. Any women (hostelites most probably) would wanna own it. Damn the thief! But think about it, if it was me, I wouldn’t place my favourite shoes outside my room. I’ll be damned if I did that. But maybe she misplaced it, you never know. Good luck to her in finding the shoes, if she’ll ever find it.

Stephen 10

My brother Stephen is 10 today but we celebrated his birthday a couple of days ago. It was a family gathering as usual. Not much going on, except kids running around the house playing hide-and-seek.

Mum ordered a yam birthday cake and although this time she got the name correct, she still made a slight mistake in the name – she misspelled it. Stephen becomes Steven. Well, it’s just a mistake of personal preferences so no harm done. The most important thing is the cake taste real good.

I gave him a mini-pool, the portable one where you can take your bath and play with water outside your house. It’s really fun to play in even though it only measures 183cm in diameter. Yeah, I also jumped in and play. Shameless -.-"

New Champion

Note: For tennis fan only

After years of being in the shadow of the world’s champion Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal finally gets the spotlight he deserves. He’ll be ranked No. 1 on August 18.

Well, this post is a bit early but what the heck, I made this poster of the new King of Tennis. He is no longer just the King of Clay, but the No. 1 player in the world. I wonder how long he will last on that spot. What if Federer snatch back the position by the end of the year? Federer has been no. 1 for more than four years and hold record for the longest consecutive no. 1 in the world. He’s still a great player, no doubt. I believe he can still be No.1. In the meantime, Rafa is the best.

Flight of Stairs

Whew. Moving in mission completed!

My room is so bare at the moment. Too clean I say. I can’t wait to mess it up. So here is a picture of my room’s door leading outside to the corridor.

I came late and missed the coupons so I have to take it tomorrow. Unfortunately, class starts at eight. Damn. Have to take them between breaks. You know what? I got the second floor! Double damn. Well, it’s not so bad. I just have to struggle to breathe everytime I reach the second floor. Whew.